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Three different liquid filling machine introduction of technology zhufeng packaging machinery

    Solid pharmaceutical filling machine and capacity in accordance with the purposes underlying performance was not the same principle,  can have a feel like second class with no packing type:

    First, the first after filling capacity. The initial stage in front of a small amount of solid filling valve being used is being filled through a given level (level sensor or rafts respiratory tract) direct measurement of the capacity for such a rare gas filling cheese packaging (pressure filling) .

   Second, after the first filling capacity. Volumetric filling valve, each of the filling valve is equipped with a cylinder once (capacity Cup), by the level sensor control over their capacity, solid first be transferred to the metering pot cup capacity, and then filled into packaging. Such filling for no more gas cheese and PET packaging.

   Third ,side edge filling capacity. This is an arrangement of electromagnetic induction flow meter electronic valve filling machine is a static measurement capacity mode, electromagnetic flow meter is used to measure the valve through static solid.