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Viscous body filling machine which is the best

Viscous body filling machine which is the best? Of course, none other than zhufeng packaging. Thick liquid filling machine is one of the main products in zhufeng packaging, the company was founded in March 2003, has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, possess dozens of single machine of the utility model patent certificate, production scale and technical level are the industry forefront in the domestic, it has very good reputation in Changzhou. In recent years, Zhufeng packing was also named the  national high-tech enterprises , private technology enterprises, 100 small and medium enterprises in Jiangsu Province, filling machine ten well-known brands and so on. [free] hotline: 86-519-82310588

zhufeng specializing in the production of packaging sticky filling machine for filling in vegetable oil, honey, jam, syrup, preparation, suspending agent, oil and chemical industry various viscous material.

Thick filling machine in zhufeng adopt PLC microcomputer control, light, machine, electricity,sensor, pneumatic actuator as a whole. Injection cylinder piston driven by servo motor, strokepositioning accuracy, and set the speed of filling. When the filling amount close to the bottle mouth,the speed of pressure decreases to prevent material due to the impact of large splashoverflow. The machine has a high automatic degree, easy to adjust, when to change the specification or measurement correction you just adjust on the screen can meet the requirement of accurate measurement.