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CDP-24B Rotating Time Conrol Liquid Filling Machine



Brief introduction of the products:

This product leaded the rotating filling machine technology in our country.It i a high-tech filling equipment controlled by microcomputer PLC program mable, equip with photo electricity transduction and pneumatic action as a whole.Characteritic are:Fast filling speed, accruate measure,non-foam,non-drop.This machine with compact structure,simple trans mission,convenient maintain,long service life,beautiful appearance.The product extenive used for non-aerated beverage,fruit juice,oy,vinegar,cooking oil and chemical, emulsion, pesticide,daily chemical.Materical contact surface manufactured with 316 stainless steel,uncontact surface maufactued with 304 stainles  steel.This product filling with protective cover,beautiful apperance,no pollution and in line with GMP standard request.